Your sexuality is a significant aspect of your humanity. If you've experienced any obstacles to healthy intimacy, there is hope for you.

Consider sex therapy if you or your partner have experienced: 

  • sexual shame

  • pain during intercourse

  • inability to orgasm

  • premature or delayed ejaculation

  • decreased sexual desire or arousal

  • addiction to pornography or sex

  • broken trust after an affair

  • disappointment in sex after marriage

  • difficulty communicating with your partner about sex

  • sexual or physical abuse in a past or current relationship

  • any physical or emotional challenges prohibiting healthy sexual intimacy

Wherever you are in your sexual journey, I'd love to help you process your past, renew your present, and instill hope for deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

I office out of 4306 Yoakum Boulevard in Houston's Montrose neighborhood.


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“Only have sex you like.”
— Emily Nagoski